Training at a firm Made to Last

What is it that prospective trainees want to hear about? The quality of the training contract here at B P Collins is excellent. We have a high level of exposure to clients, the work is interesting and diverse, we work closely with all members of each practice group and there is a genuine open-door policy across the firm. People are genuinely interested in your development and they want you to succeed. Expectations are high, but then we didn’t choose this career to set the bar low.

“What is it though that sets us apart? To me, it is the people.”

I spend more waking hours with my work colleagues then I do with my friends or family. I want to like them. I want to enjoy working with them. Fortunately, I do.

Working relationships and genuine friendships are forged both at work and at play. B P Collins has an active social committee responsible for organising events across the firm. In addition to this, the trainees are allocated a quarterly budget to be spent on an event organised by the trainees, for the trainees.

As a member of the social committee, I thought I would highlight a few of the events that took place over the summer.

“Social events are not compulsory but are always well attended as we are a firm that, on the whole, enjoys socialising with each other.”

Our annual trip to Lords cricket ground took place in July. A total of 33 staff members travelled to Marylebone to watch Middlesex take on Essex in a T20 match. Although play was delayed due to inclement weather, we were eventually able to watch a brilliant match and enjoy cocktails with colleagues.


In August, a more challenging adventure was organised by our brilliant IT manager, Imran Shah. Albeit not strictly a ‘social committee’ event, Imran organised a trip to Norway to scale the mighty Trolltunga, or Troll’s Tongue as it is more colloquially known. Nine of us departed on the Friday morning and flew from Heathrow to Bergen, Norway. After a bit of sightseeing and a scenic drive we filled ourselves with carbohydrates in anticipation of our climb the following day. We rose early and made our way to base. Seven participants cycled, hiked and climbed a sheer face on the Via Ferrata (iron bridge) to scale Trolltunga whilst two (including myself) hiked the 23 kilometres to the top. We were all tested both mentally and physically and made a wealth of (mostly hilarious) memories.


In September, the entire firm marked a milestone as B P Collins celebrated its 50th anniversary with a summer party on the banks of the Thames at Phyllis Court. We were joined by past senior partners, including our founder Brian Collins, to celebrate and honour the firm’s past achievements while looking forward to the future and our plans for continued success.


“I was reminded again of why this firm is unique.”

A number of current staff members featured in a ‘highlight’ slide show with some pictures dating back to the 80’s. Questionable fashion choices aside, the point I am making is that quite a few current staff have been here for 20 or 30 years. I think this aptly illustrates the point of my blog. B P Collins is an interesting place to work and the people are what make it.

So, what events are coming up in the next few months? Champagne night at the Crazy Bear, Ice skating at Somerset House and a trainee night out to clueQuest in King’s Cross. Being locked into a room with fellow trainees…I would only do that if I truly liked them!

Posted by Dana Eyre.


Dana graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a History degree in 1998. After relocating to England, Dana completed the Graduate Diploma in Law and the Legal Practice Course, before joining B P Collins in February 2015 as a paralegal. She began her training contract with the firm in February 2016.

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