The techy trainee

One of my enduring memories from being a law student is how fantastically studious it made me feel to go to the law library. There was something awesome about being surrounded by weighty tomes containing every reported judgment ever and the wisdom of generations of legal scholars and when I was there I always felt like I was learning.

However, thanks to the internet, the reality was that I could access many of the resources I needed online and could do most of my studying on my laptop. I didn’t go to the library to read the books, I went to the library for the atmosphere the books created.

“Now that I am a trainee solicitor, I can see how modern technology is impacting the way we work as solicitors.”

We can work in a “paper lite” way, which minimises the need for paper documents and means that I can access the documents I need from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection – be that my desk at work, a collaborative breakout space with other lawyers or the claimant’s waiting room while assisting at a judicial mediation.

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Technology might be making it easier for us to work in more diverse locations and with less paper but, just like with the law library, there has been another key ingredient to my training contract at B P Collins – the atmosphere. I have found that everyone at B P Collins is friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help and my supervisors have always been willing to take the time out of what they are doing to answer my questions, no matter how basic.

“The people I have worked with have helped build a welcoming, collaborative atmosphere at B P Collins and I can’t wait to carry on working with them when I qualify in January.”

Posted by Greg Clark
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Greg joined B P Collins in July 2017 as a paralegal, before beginning his training contract with the firm in January 2018. He is currently undertaking his final seat in the Employment practice group.