One small step for trainee, one giant leap for graduate

Taking the next step after graduating is a scary prospect for anyone in their final year at university and I was no exception. The underlying pressure of now putting all my hard work from the past four years into practice was tangible. My actions could now have a direct impact on people’s lives.

“The LPC did give me a taste of the practicalities of a legal career but being a trainee solicitor on a daily basis is its own beast to master.”

What I have realised is that adaptability and an eagerness to learn is key, much like at university. I also had to quickly accept that the hard work was far from over.

University felt like a marathon, conserving your energy in order to make it across the finish line; graduation. I now however realise that university was just the training stage – training for life’s race. I laid the foundations of my legal knowledge at university but now is the time to build something from this sturdy base. This has not come without its challenges. This newly acquired responsibility did initially feel overwhelming, however the satisfaction I experience from the work eclipses the challenges.


Conversely, one way university and life as a trainee feel similar, is how it continues to be my responsibility for my learning and development. I regularly reflect on the work I have recently submitted and always do my best to apply the feedback to future tasks, much like with any exam or essay result at university.

“Whilst the work is significantly more challenging than my LLB, what helps is the support and helpfulness from the rest of the team. I know that if times get tough, a helping hand will be offered, coupled with patience and a genuine want to teach to help me grow and succeed.”

Where one chapter has officially closed in my life, a new and undoubtedly exciting one has just begun!

Posted by Michal Stepniak 

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Michal began his training contract with B P Collins in July 2019. He is currently undertaking his first seat in the dispute resolution practice group.