Why train at B P Collins? The process of getting a training contract.

When considering where I might complete my training contract, I drew from previous work experience I had done, both inside the legal world and outside it, and I decided that I didn’t want to be a small cog in a huge machine. I wanted to train somewhere that wasn’t so large that I couldn’t have a personal connection with everyone in the firm, but equally not so small that the quality of work I would be doing would be impacted. B P Collins fit that bill perfectly.

The firm comfortably sits between the large City firms, which can often feel intimidatingly large, and the high-street or boutique firms, which only have a few fee-earners. At the same time, the work I would be able to experience woudn’t be too dissimilar from the work done at those City firms, with whom BPC often find themselves up against in matters.

“The quality of training at BPC offered goes hand-in-hand with this as well and was another reason why I chose to train here.”

BPC offers its trainee much better contact with both clients and partners than some other firms do, where the training can be much more regimented. In the same vein, trainees at BPC are offered more responsibility straight away and are even given the opportunity to run their own matters with supervision not long after starting.

“Finally, I was interested in BPC’s 5-month seats. It was a system I hadn’t come across before, but one that I thought made a lot of sense.”

At most firms, trainees complete four 6-month seats and then qualify into one of those areas, potentially becoming a solicitor and starting practising in an area they haven’t worked in for over a year and a half. But, at BPC, trainees complete four 5-month seats and then can return to the seat where they would like to qualify into until the end of their 2-year training contract. This allows trainees at BPC to familiarise themselves with the area again before they begin practising.

Once I’d decided that I wanted to train at BPC I begun the application process. I was working as a paralegal at BPC at the time, so I had an informal chat with my Practice Group Leader first, who encouraged me to apply. I sent an application to the HR team by way of a handwritten covering letter and my CV. I was then invited to interview with our HR manager to discuss how I had found being a paralegal at the firm so far, and why I wanted to train at BPC. After I spoke about everything I mentioned above, I was invited to an Assessment Day. At this I took part, with other candidates, in individual and group exercises. I also have an individual pre-prepared presentation to two partners. After the Assessment Day I was called by my Practice Group Leader to offer me a training contract which I gladly accepted.

“Training at B P Collins is a unique experience in my mind.”

The work is challenging and engaging but the teams are compassionate and helpful. You get to connect with everyone in the office and work hands-on with clients of all sizes. The application process isn’t overly complicated or lengthy and I would encourage any aspiring solicitor to consider applying.

Posted by Josh Dickinson

Josh joined B P Collins as a paralegal and started his training contract with the firm in September 2022.