Swapping seats during your training contract

During your training contract with B P Collins, you will ideally have four seats lasting five months each, and a fifth qualification seat lasting for the remained of your training contract. The qualification seat is for you to return to the department in which you wish to qualify to provide you with an opportunity to really hone in one and develop your skills that you would have developed during your first time in the department. … More Swapping seats during your training contract

Why train at B P Collins? The process of getting a training contract.

When considering where I might complete my training contract, I drew from previous work experience I had done, both inside the legal world and outside it, and I decided that I didn’t want to be a small cog in a huge machine. I wanted to train somewhere that wasn’t so large that I couldn’t have a personal connection with everyone in the firm, but equally not so small that the quality of work I would be doing would be impacted. B P Collins fit that bill perfectly. … More Why train at B P Collins? The process of getting a training contract.

Challenges as a trainee

As much as it can be exciting changing seats and starting work in a new area of law, it can also feel like starting a new job as you navigate getting to know a new team, new processes and even sitting in a different area of the office! The abrupt change from being in a familiar area of law to starting all over again can be quite a challenge. I have found the best way to overcome this is to resist placing too many expectations on yourself – trainees are here to learn after all. … More Challenges as a trainee